Affordevelopment Terms & Conditions

Before We Begin A Project

ICA, Non-Disclosure and Project Scope

The ICA is an Independent Contractor Agreement our project manager will sign and our client signs before anything else. This legally gives us the ability and right to work with you and other independent contractors needed to develop your website or app or otherwise. The ICA is an open ended contract good for the life of the working relationship between the 2 parties. Our ICA also serves as a non-disclosure. We are also more than happy to sign a non-disclosure contract provided by the client when required. The Project Scope agreement outlines the details for each individual project. A Project Scope agreement is required for every project a client hires us to develop whereas we only require 1 signed ICA. The Project Scope Agreement outlines the entire project scope, 3rd party costs, project fees and total project cost, payment schedule and estimated time of delivery for each project.

After A Project Begins

Client Expectations

It is expected of the client to be prepared as to avoid delays in project development. It is expected of the client to maintain close communication with our project manager to avoid delays in project development. It is expected of the client to pay invoices promptly, within 3 days from date issued unless agreed to in writing between our project manager and the client or unless other arrangements have been agreed to via the signed Project Scope Agreement. It is expected of the client to provide any and all needed materials that we have not agreed to produce via the Project Scope Agreement which are required to complete the project. It is expected of the client to provide all user names and passwords for every service associated to their project. Hosting, domain, payment gateway, WordPress login etc. It is expected of the client to pay all 3rd party services as required to complete the project. Failure on the clients part to maintain or provide aforementioned could result in project termination.

Project Commitment

Once the ICA and Project Scope Agreement are signed by both the project manager and client and the initial payment has been made by the client the client is considered 100% committed to the project and agrees to and is bound by the terms and conditions as well as the ICA and what is agreed to in the Project Scope Agreement

Project Termination

A project can be terminated by either the client or our project manager. All terms and conditions apply regardless of which party decides to terminate. In the case where our project manager decides to terminate the project he will first provide the client a fair termination warning and clear instructions on how we'd like to resolve any issues via email in an attempt to avoid project termination. However, if our project manager is unable to resolve the issue within 5 days of initial contact the project will be terminated and any unpaid invoices will be canceled and replaced with one final invoice. The final invoice will include an early termination fee along with any remaining project fees. The early termination fee is 25% the total cost of the project. The final invoice is sent the same day the project is terminated and payment of the final invoice is due, paid in full, no later than 5 days from the day the invoice is issued. Failure to pay the final invoice will result in legal action against the client which may incur additional costs such as lawyer fees, court costs etc.

Project Terms & Conditions


All projects over $1500: Half the project total is due to start, remaining 1/2 is due when the project completes. In the event your project will take longer than 1 month, 2+ months then 1/2 the remainder would be split in half and due on the 1st or on a date agreed on between our project manager and the client via the Project Scope Agreement and will be due the following month and each month thereafter. Anything remaining would then be due when the project completes.

Projects under $1500: We require full payment to start.

Project Fee Minimum

We do not have a minimum project fee. We will never deny you our services because of project cost.


We do offer wholesale rates for other developers who would like to outsource their work to us. The rate fluctuates depending on which developer or developers is or are best for the job. Please contact us so we can provide a rate quote for your project.

Payment Methods

We gladly accept cash, check, credit card and PayPal payments. PayPal payments have a fee compensation of 2.9% + $1.30 of the total amount. Actual equation: (Total*2.9%) + $1.30 = Rough Compensation Amount (RCA), then take the (RCA*2.9%) + RCA = Final Comp Fee Amount.

Example using $1000.
$1000*2.9% = $29.00
$29.00 + $1.30 = $30.30 (RCA)
$30.30*2.9% = $0.88
$30.30+$0.88 = $31.18 (Final Fee Comp) Project Total: $1031.18

Payment Arrangements

For special situations we may consider payment arrangements for the second half of project fees. Please discuss this with our project manager before we begin your project.

Hosting, domain, Payment Gateway Etc.

Your project may require hosting, domain and payment gateway 3rd party services. Affordevelopment will manage all these services for you. However, we do not control your services. We have our preferred vendors so if a client requires any or all of these services we will guide them through the process and have them purchase what they need. By connecting our clients directly to the vendor it will save them money in the long run. Most companies control all your services and will overcharge you. Normally they charge you every month or even yearly and you end up paying 5x more for a service than you need to. Through Affordevelopment you get all the required services at the same cost or lower than everyone else. We do not resell these services we simply pass the savings on to our clients.

3rd Party Charges

Some projects may require the purchase of 3rd party services such as when you buy a domain, hosting, setup SLL or order 3rd party software or templates. These costs are not included in our quote to you and are considered 3rd party charges. Clients are 100% responsible for all fees associated with 3rd party services and/or software. However, we will outline each 3rd party charge in the Project Scope to give you an overall total for your project.

Non-Profit Organizations

We appreciate legitimate nonprofit organizations. If you are a nonprofit organization you'll receive 10% off every project with us. When you fill out the Online quote form make sure to check that you are a non-profit.


Because funds are divided up between several developers when a project begins Affordevelopment is unable to refund any project fees. Please also see "Payment Commitment" above.


Our current web development rate is $65 per hour. Our rate for app development is $85. Our rates for outsourcing range between $30-$75 per hour depending on what services our client requires. Please contact our project manager to get a rate quote for the project you'd like to outsource.


We offer a 5-hour minimum retainer ($300) for website related work. Clients can use this time whenever they wish within a years time from the date of purchase. Retainers must be paid in full to use the time.


Consultations are available free of charge for all our clients. Clients are those who have an active ICA with us. We offer 1, up to 1 hour, free consultation for non clients. For non clients who would like to consult with us more than one (1) hour we charge by the quarter (1/4) hour. $15 per quarter (1/4) hour. Time is rounded up to the nearest quarter. If you consult with us as a non client for more than 1 hour, but then become a client of ours, all consultation fees are forgiven.

Quotes, Price Match & Support


Once we've given you a quote this price will not fluctuate unless our client requests modifications to the Project Scope before the project begins. Any changes in the original quote will require approval from the client. Any changes to the Project Scope will need to be requested before project begins.

Price Match

We take the proper time to evaluate your project before giving you a quote and are generally quite accurate with our fees. However, if a competitor quote is within $200 of ours we will match their quote.

Lifetime Limited Support

This covers all the work we've done for you and is good for as long as you have a signed ICA with us. We will correct any issues with our work/code free of charge. This does not cover modifications made by the client and/or another 3rd party developer who might of broken our work. It is always recommended that if you require modifications to contact us first.


Hours Of Operation

We're officially available between the hours of 10 am and 6 pm Monday through Friday. We are closed on weekends and most holidays. During a rare, but extended absence you will receive an auto-response email when you attempt to email us notifying you of how long we expect to be closed and when we will resume work. When we need to take time off for an emergency we will notify all clients who have open projects with us.

Mon-Fri: 9:30 am - 11:30 am, may have in person consultation availability. Please ask to set an appointment. It's usually quicker to email or text as most things can be done remotely.

Acceptable Communication Methods

You can call, text or email us during our hours of operation. We will respond within 24-48 hours (usually sooner) or asap on the next available business day. If we are out of the office for an extended amount of time we will setup an auto response email notifying you of our absence and when we plan to return.

Phone & Text: (208) WEB-4311


(208) WEB-4311

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